Teaching Ava - Rose: Water on Wax

Hello Beautiful People, 

How do you like my new blog layout? Kinda wanted to keep things simple. Less confusing too. image 

Anyways, here is another outdated blog post.. 

It's really simple to do this project. And your little one is going to love creating mess. 

Here are the things you need.

- Watercolor
- Brush
- Candle
- Art canvas / Paper

Step 1. 

Use the candle and write whatever hidden message you would like. Of course my lil lady boss does not know how to read yet, so I just made her name for fun. 

Step 2. 

Let your little one hold the brush, dip the brush into water and paint.. 

Step 3. 

Let your little one explore. Paint, different types of color. Don't stop them. Let them explore, have fun and make a mess! 

The end result.

A very happy baby and a new art piece to decorate our walls. image

Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket 2) Fruits & Vegetables.

Hello Beautiful People, 

Updating the blog late at night. Hey, at least I'm updating right? Also, trying to keep up with the updates and all. We did this Discovery Basket session way back in March when Lil Lady Boss was 10 months old. 

Anyways, I bought some really cheap fake toys from Daiso to help with this project. 

It's really simple this project.

You just need a basket, and fill it with whatever you want your baby / toddler to explore. Let them explore. Hold it, put it in their mouths... Whatever! (Just make sure you clean them after la..)

At first Lil Lady Boss was much more interested in the basket.. I did give her some time to explore the whole thing.

In the end she slowly started exploring what is inside the basket. Slowly one by one I told her what fruit / vegetable it was. The color of the fruit / vegetable and had some small pretend play too!

We had fun with this project. I promise you guys there are more interesting discovery Baskets!!.. So stay tuned! 

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Teaching Ava - Rose: Pipe Cleaners.

Hello again beautiful people, 

Here's another sensory play we did when Lil Lady Boss was 10 months old.  Gosh, I'm really bad at updating. Anyways... 

This was a really fun activity and Lil Lady Boss sat down for almost an hour tugging and shoving the pipe cleaners. 

It's an inexpensive activity. All you need are colorful pipe cleaners and a colander. 

You just need to poke the pipe cleaners through the hole. And you are done. Easy peasy. The rest, leave it to your LO to play with. 

Look at Lil Lady Boss being busy with her tiny fingers. 

Kept her entertained for more than an hour long honestly.

This activity helps with their fine motor skills. 

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DIY - Lego Hairbands

I realised I have not done a DIY blog for the longest time! So thought I'd blog about something simple and yet so totally awesome! 

I made this really cool Wonder Woman Lego hairband for Lil Lady Boss few months back. And since it was such a big hit with so many people, thought I'd do another one. 

Its honestly really easy to do.

All you need.

- A stretchy hairband
- A lego figurine
- E6000 glue

Step 1
- I got the stretchy hairband from Spotlight.

Step 2.
- If the lego figurine has hair, you may want to remove that first.

Step 3.
- Glue on the Lego Figurine to the hairband.

Step 4.
- Glue on the hair to the Lego Figurine.

Step 5.
- Let it dry up. AND YOU ARE DONE!

So easy right??
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Teaching Ava - Rose: Finger Painting

Babies / Toddlers love making a mess. Lil Lady Boss loves making a mess too so I thought why not let her get her hands on finger painting right? She gets to learn about colors and have loads of fun too! 

Do please make sure you look for child friendly paints that are non toxic and easy to clean off. (In case you get some on your furnitures.) 

I poured a little bit of paint on the paint palette and allowed Lil Lady Boss go crazy.  She had loads of fun.

At first she was so curious and had no idea what they were, I had to help guide her on what to do. And within seconds she started creating her own masterpiece.

Let your baby / toddler explore and have fun. Try not to get worried with the mess. Another great idea is to make sure the surrounding areas area already well protected so in case any paints get on em you can still clean them up. 
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Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket 1) Kitchen Tools

Hello! Since Lil Lady Boss went to bed early thought I'd update the blog with another update. One that was few months late. image Anyways, I did this little project with Lil Lady Boss when she was 9 months old. We had fun with this, her first Discover Basket.. Many more to come. 

Tools You Need: - 

1. Kitchen Tools (Anything except objects that are dangerous!)
2. A Basket. 

I just put the whole basket right in front of Lil Lady Boss and of course with her curious little mind she grabbed everything, touched it, felt it, created sounds with it.

You don't really have to buy brand new kitchen tools, these can be things you use in the kitchen. Just make sure you wash it once your baby is done playing with it.

Lil Lady Boss sure had fun exploring this big basket of kitchen tools. Just allow your little one play with the tools, talk to them, explain to them what are the tools for. 

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#ClareSpeaks: 6 Changes About Me After I became a Mother.

Was tagged a while ago from one of my Dayre friend Michy to do this post. Once again, being a mom just took up a lot of my time lately.. Ok, I really need to stop using that as an excuse and make more effort. Anyways, so here are 6 Changes About Me After I become a Mother.

1. My priority is now Lil Lady Boss.

My whole life is now (for now) Lil Lady Boss. My timing, my schedules, my everything revolves around her. I am constantly on the look out for my daughter, be it health, clothes, food.. Anything and I mean ANYTHING it's always.. "Hmm, will she like this? Will she want this? Will it be good for her?" I eat, sleep and even dream of my daughter. My whole life and I literally mean this and cannot stress enough.. It's about her now.

2. Goodbye night life, hello motherhood.

I used to be a party animal, but now I'm often the party pooper. I used to enjoy staying up late, drinking and just lepaking with friends. My girls night out was a weekly must. BUT.. Yup, things has changed. By 9.30pm Lil Lady Boss is ready for bed and I'd learn to kick back and relax with a book. (This is where I will get loads of telling off for not blogging right?!)

3. I'm a SURVIVOR! 

There are days where I question myself, wow.. How the hell did I get through the day? Lil Lady Boss being cranky / playful / curious / adventurous / mischievous / naughty.. SHE TAKES UP ALL MY ENERGY! But somehow there is this very strong motherly strength that I somehow started to gain and I survived. So I always tell myself that if I can survive today, I can survive tomorrow.

4. Learnt the importance of family. 

I get a lot of advices from my family, I get a lot of support from my family. But at the same time when I say family I also mean those who are dear friends to me who have also become a part of my family. There are times, when I feel like as if I'm personally loosing it as a mom. I turn to my husband, my mom, my aunt and my friends. And the strength and energy they give me.. The motivations and inspirations they often share with me makes me want to do more. Be a better mom for my Lil Lady Boss. And to always learn from the best.. My Mom and my Ah Ma. 

5. To push negativity out of my life. 

I wanted to bring positivity in my life, I did not want Lil Lady Boss to grow up in a very negative environment. So I learnt to become someone positive and I actually stopped getting upset, angry or moody. I guess that lil bit of positivity that I put it my life now gives me so much more joy and excitement in life. It also teaches me to appreciate the beauty in life, the power of prayer and the reason why you are being put here on earth.

6. How much I've matured. 

I can proudly say I am no longer that wild child who longs to drift along the breeze, I have learnt to become a mother. I have learnt to love someone so much more than myself. I have learnt so much more and everyday I am still learning new things together with Lil Lady Boss.

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