#ClareSpeaks: How Do I Feel At This Moment.

Few days ago, I think I kinda lost myself. And I told myself, I may have to look back and start a Blog on my journey to Self Discovery. 

Well, I already have a blog. 

So... why not right? 

I found 30 questions which I will answer truthfully and honestly.. 

Today marks the 1st question.

31st October 2017.

How Do I feel at this moment? 


NO JOKE! We (Lil Lady Boss and myself) have been out the WHOLE day. From lunch with my aunt and a Halloween Party (will blog about this later on) 

Motherhood makes me exhausted. 

I had to cater to tantrum throwing, temper flaring, dirty diapers, food tossing, mess making, cries, whines, cuddles, wipes, kisses and a whole lot more.. 

But when you come to think of it, it also makes me feel.. 


Knowing that I did something with her, knowing that I made the effort to bring her out to socialise, to explore.. 

I know I did my best. 

I know I did my part. 

And then it hits me. 

She can drive me up the wall on most days. Yes, it is exhausting.. 

But here we are.

She sound asleep in her cot, she had a good day. 


A sense of accomplishment. 
A sense of pride 
And I am suddenly overwhelmed with emotions. 

Oh motherhood. 

Teaching Ava - Rose: Eatable Paint.

When Lil Lady Boss turned 1, she was curious with EVERYTHING! And she wanted to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. So I searched high and low on ideas on eatable paint. I found this really great idea on Pinterest and tried it. 

Lil Lady Boss LOVED it! 

And on the plus side, it is really easy to make. 

Things you need:
- Yogurt
- Food coloring

I did not introduce Sugar or sweet things to Lil Lady Boss yet, so I just got a normal yogurt. No flavour nothing..

Then you add a few small drops of food colouring.

Stir em up. Mix them all together.

I thought I had one that was turquoise.. But it was dark blue instead.

Either put your baby / toddler on the high chair or a table that is easy to clean.

And just let them explore on their own.

Just of course, keep an eye on them.

Lil Lady Boss loved making a mess.

She went crazy.

But she had a lot of fun.

Be warned that this can get really messy. So use an apron or something to make sure the clothes don't get soiled.

And be sure to have loads of fun. Let your child enjoy making a mess. Till the next post! Have fun!!

Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket) Let's Pretend to be Doctors

Hello Beautiful People, I have once again neglected my blog haven't I? Sorry, do forgive me. I will try to blog as I go along.

Discovery baskets and pretend play are always fun. For Lil Lady Boss and myself. We did this activity waaaaayyyyyyy back. Once again, sorry for neglecting the blog. I'll try to update more as I go along. 

Anyways, I had a small box of pretend play doctors tool lying around at home. She maybe too young to understand what was going on.. But I let her explore and learn. So I threw in whatever doctor pretend play toys I could find.. And this was all I had. 

Plopped it right in front of her. And of course, Lil Lady Boss went crazy figuring out what was what.

She of course, went crazy exploring every inch of the discovery basket.

So, to help with our pretend play. We needed a patient... How sweet of Sahara the Pug to help out. Hah!

The two of them really enjoy playing together. Of course I don't stop them.. I let them..

And besides, Sahara was really being really good girl. Allowing Lil Lady boss to explore all the tools on her..

Try out discovery baskets for your baby and toddler! It's really really really fun!! 

Teaching Ava - Rose: Water on Wax

Hello Beautiful People, 

How do you like my new blog layout? Kinda wanted to keep things simple. Less confusing too. image 

Anyways, here is another outdated blog post.. 

It's really simple to do this project. And your little one is going to love creating mess. 

Here are the things you need.

- Watercolor
- Brush
- Candle
- Art canvas / Paper

Step 1. 

Use the candle and write whatever hidden message you would like. Of course my lil lady boss does not know how to read yet, so I just made her name for fun. 

Step 2. 

Let your little one hold the brush, dip the brush into water and paint.. 

Step 3. 

Let your little one explore. Paint, different types of color. Don't stop them. Let them explore, have fun and make a mess! 

The end result.

A very happy baby and a new art piece to decorate our walls. image

Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket 2) Fruits & Vegetables.

Hello Beautiful People, 

Updating the blog late at night. Hey, at least I'm updating right? Also, trying to keep up with the updates and all. We did this Discovery Basket session way back in March when Lil Lady Boss was 10 months old. 

Anyways, I bought some really cheap fake toys from Daiso to help with this project. 

It's really simple this project.

You just need a basket, and fill it with whatever you want your baby / toddler to explore. Let them explore. Hold it, put it in their mouths... Whatever! (Just make sure you clean them after la..)

At first Lil Lady Boss was much more interested in the basket.. I did give her some time to explore the whole thing.

In the end she slowly started exploring what is inside the basket. Slowly one by one I told her what fruit / vegetable it was. The color of the fruit / vegetable and had some small pretend play too!

We had fun with this project. I promise you guys there are more interesting discovery Baskets!!.. So stay tuned! 

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Teaching Ava - Rose: Pipe Cleaners.

Hello again beautiful people, 

Here's another sensory play we did when Lil Lady Boss was 10 months old.  Gosh, I'm really bad at updating. Anyways... 

This was a really fun activity and Lil Lady Boss sat down for almost an hour tugging and shoving the pipe cleaners. 

It's an inexpensive activity. All you need are colorful pipe cleaners and a colander. 

You just need to poke the pipe cleaners through the hole. And you are done. Easy peasy. The rest, leave it to your LO to play with. 

Look at Lil Lady Boss being busy with her tiny fingers. 

Kept her entertained for more than an hour long honestly.

This activity helps with their fine motor skills. 

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DIY - Lego Hairbands

I realised I have not done a DIY blog for the longest time! So thought I'd blog about something simple and yet so totally awesome! 

I made this really cool Wonder Woman Lego hairband for Lil Lady Boss few months back. And since it was such a big hit with so many people, thought I'd do another one. 

Its honestly really easy to do.

All you need.

- A stretchy hairband
- A lego figurine
- E6000 glue

Step 1
- I got the stretchy hairband from Spotlight.

Step 2.
- If the lego figurine has hair, you may want to remove that first.

Step 3.
- Glue on the Lego Figurine to the hairband.

Step 4.
- Glue on the hair to the Lego Figurine.

Step 5.
- Let it dry up. AND YOU ARE DONE!

So easy right??
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