Salsa Festival 2007

It will b a moment i wil nvr b able 2 4get! Seriously!! Salsa Fest!! *Screams* So the whole Breakthru members were involved in this years Salsa Fest, and boy was it the bomb of all bombs!!

See this event involved Salsa dancers from all over the world, and when I say all over I really mean all over. We have teams from USA, Australia, India, Korea.. so much more!! Breakthru got the huge privellage to work there as ground crews, and of course bonds all started to grow stronger too..

To be able to meet the dancers, they are like the Beyonce of the music industry. That well known! *Squelz wit delight* Their body.. OH LORD!! THIER BODY!! Heaven blessed them with that muscle lookin... *speechless*.. the only reason I can b de only 1 talkin bout their bod was cause i got 2 work backstage.. *drooollllzzz*

Of course, many secrets happened and of course it will remain there, but this secret i have 2 let out.. ALISTAIR!! I LOVE YOU!! ha ha.. (only he will know what I'm talking about ler)

De ground crew got de most emotional thanks frm everyone who were there, v were all asked 2 go on stage n then de whol 400 ppl in de ballroom all gave us a standing ovation.. which was so touching, thank god none of us came of de stage wit tears on our eyes or smthn.. n it was immediately back 2 work.. Ha ha..

Now, a simple msg 2 all de breakthru/ground crew frm me..

1. Mel & Adam : Thank u 4 de opportuniuty 2 let Breakthru b a part of it, Mel, u lucky gal wit de Queen sized bed dat all 5 of us get 2 sleep on.
2. Khavitha & Sharan : God I miss u guys so much n it was great 2 c u guys there.
3. Nuwan & Shanke : De both of u were awesome, I love u guys + de alcoholic drinks!
4. Alistair: I LOVE YOU!! Ha ha..
5. Santha & Shivani : De both of u better teach us de new steps soon dat u learned frm there k!
6. Daniel & Sunny : Both of u.. *sigh* so grateful 4 everythin..
7. Tsu & Kash : Poor Tsu got sick but still managed 2 catch up, n eva lovin boyufriend of hers by her side all de time.. *aaaawww*
8. Adele : U n i noe secrets!! Ha ha.. Secrets dat only u n i noe.. *sssshhhh*
9. Naga : I love u 4 standing up 4 us..
10. Zul & Izuan : Thanks 4 de freakin bus ride back ler!! Had fun there..

Kak Murni, Kak Lin, Jerrine, Robin, Su n de whole jing bang gang... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I HEART U GUYS!!

ps: A video of Ms Suhana & Me performin a duet- Beautiful Liar..

~* Clare Chiara *~