Dinsney Princess Pageant 27th Nov - 9th Dec

So mom and I have been very busy lately running up and down to work! Ha ha.. See the Disney Princess Pageant is a new upcoming beauty pageant but for small kids to be able to dress and act like their favourite Disney Princess, of course prizes are WOW! Mom was hired as the beautician (Yes, mom is the beauty expert Hah!) And I was hired as mom's extra hand and the Emcee/ Performer for the weekends.

Working with kids are the most amzing thing ever, they can amaze you, make you laugh and all. But at the same time, when your incharge of the makeover, you really gotta rush and make sure things go as scheduled.

I do have to thank Jo'n and Calaine for making an effort to help me out wit so.. A huge ass thank you to you both!

So if you guys wanna see the joy I have working with kids do come for the pageant on the weekends alright? Or then again, if you want your lil daughter or son to have a makeover do send them over.. It's so awesomely FUN!!

~* Clare Chiara *~


Anonymous said...

where is the pageant going to be held?

babygal_clare said...

It will be held at Kinta City (the one that I will be hosting.) Sat and Sun is my last day! =p