101 Reasons Why I Love You - Dedication to my Boyfriend

This Valentines Day my boyfriend and I are both 'far away'. His all the way back in KL, and I'm all the way here. Far away.. *Sheesh* So much for Valentines. This year would be hard to celebrate with him because we're both 'away'. But today's blog I specially would like to dedicate it to my dearest Boyfriend - Pat. Happy Valentines Day baby.. and of course to all of you reading my blog.

101 Reasons Why I Love You:

1. You changed me in so many ways.
2. You inspire me to do better each time.
3. You turn my tears into a smile.
4. When I cry, you cry with me.
5. When I talk, you tend to 'NOT LISTEN' but give a face that shows like as if you are.
6. You have such a busy schedule, but yet you will find that time for me.
7. You make me feel like a princess.
8. You hate performing arts so much, but the support that you give me all the time.
9. How your patience with me blooms each time I piss you off.
10. How you hate buying flowers to please me.
11. When I'm sick, you make me laugh.
12. Your the only one I whine to most.
13. You allow me to 'manja' you all the time.
14. The way you smell my hair before you kiss my head softly.
15. The way you dress - Oh My God! You just love being you, and that's what I love about you!
16. Your stupid Pink and Lime Green Slippers!
17. The way you snore when you are extremely tired.
18. When you fall asleep talking to me on the phone, but wake up saying "I love you".
19. Saying "I love you" when you know your going to get hell from me.
20. The 'dates' you bring me on are so old school.
21. The way you get so jealous of people I hang out with all the time.
22. The way you stand up for me.
23. The way you support me.
24. How much you actually take care of me.
25. Each time you ask for a massage, you end up giving me a good massage.
26. Your 9 month pregnent belly! - Huggable!
27. Sticking together with me for such a long time even thou you know I cause havock.
28. Your Hugs!!!! *swoon*
29. Of course, your kisses that makes me feel better each night.
30. When we go for movies your so proud of all your ads.

31. The way you work so hard for OUR future.
32. You stand by me thru it all.
33. We've been thru it all, together.
34. The strength you give me when you know I'm about to fall.
35. The courage you give to me when I'm so nervous.
36. Your 'I don't have time for Gym' excuses.
37. When I want something you never get it for me at first, but in the end... I get it.
38. The way you scold me when I never listen.
39. When I make you mad and you always say 'I'll talk to you later'.
40. Your 'you know I was worried' excuse to call me every night.
41. The first person I turn to each time I face a problem.
42. The only one who hates clubbing.
43. The way you fight for me..
44. Unforgetable moments are only shared with you.
45. The way you play with little Ryushil.
46. My Family loves you.
47. The way you hate seafood/japanese but will somehow end up having that as dinner.
48. You give me everything.. Seriously - Everything.
49. You put up with my whining.
50. You know when I need attention and when I don't.
51. Your 'I was just kidding excuse' when you know you made me angry.
52. When you ask for my permission to go out with your friends.. Ha ha..
53. You take me on a shopping spree when I need grocery's.
54. Grocery shopping begins at 9.30 pm when all shops are closing with you is fun!
55. How proud you are of what you have acheived.
56. Did I mention the way you kiss?
57. When you pay for dinner everytime! Even when my friends join in.
58. Check my blog every now and then.
59. Be so shy with my father.
60. My brother's best friend.
61. How much you care for your family.
62. Bring me out to make up for times when you can't spend with me.
63. Call me when your free.
64. Letting me know you love me in many ways.
65. Buying me things that I like or wish I had.
66. Buying gifts from me even when you know I hate it.
67. Calling me when you know I am at Band Practice.
68. The way you teach me what is right and wrong.
69. Guiding my every step that I take.
70. Correcting me when I am wrong and guiding me thru my mistakes.
71. Your my gift from Heaven.
72. Your my angel.
73. Visit my family members with me when we go outstation, to be a part of my family.
74. When you tell me you love me.
75. When you cry.... ( My men is sensitive! )
76. Hugs!! I love your hugs!!
77. You know my favourite flower!
78. You can't sing, but yet you try to serenade me each time.
79. When you tell me 'I'm busy with work' but your actually playing PS 3 at work.
80. Your my driver.. ha ha.. this happens sometimes only.
81. 'Anniversary's don't matter' excuse..
82. I have to teach you how to be romantic! - I like that!
83. When you call everyone 'JOE'... ha ha
84. The way you try to 'pujuk' me when I am angry.
85. Naidine's 'Godpa'
86. How you hate Justin Timberlake because I love him too.. he he
87. How much you like eating at that stupid restaurant - Stupid Sweet and Sour Pork.
88. The way you wink when someone says your good looking.
89. When you play with Joey & Clarence.
90. Even when your so far from me you'd call to tell me your fine.
91. Clarence says:" Because Ah Pat buy me lots of present."
92. Because you allow my family to call you Ah Pat.
93. The way you stand in what you believe.
94. The way you help me thru it all.
95. The way you bring me for a romantic dinner with your whole team from Think Tank.
96. The comfort you give me each time.
97. Everyday seems to be a new challenge for us to face.
98. How you hate Toki (my iguana) but put up with it.
99. Love me each and every day.
100. You and I are unseperateable.. if that is the right spelling.

and laslty..

101.We celebrat our love each day, because each day we go thru we learn more about each other and I'm glad your with me.

I love you so much baby.. This is my Valentines Day gift I can give you and 1 more when I get back.. I love you.. Always and Forever..

~* Clare Chiara *~

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