Footprints - A dedication to my dearest Ah Kong

(Picture inspired by Grandpa who leaves footprints in my life)

Ever heard about the story footprints? (I mean all the Catholics out there would right. - ps: I am a Catholic anyway..) That story has always been my favaourite, it somehow reflected back at my life, espicially with my father figure - Grandpa better known as Ah Kong.

When I was a little girl, I hated to go see Grandpa leave for work. Heck I'd cry the minute his not home and I wake up to his empty bed. Grandpa was my father, he would wipe away my tears when Ah Ma ran around with the cane. He'd sing me 'Moon River' my lullaby when I could not sleep. He'd aske me to pick up his golf balls in the garden when his practising his swings in the garden. He'd bring me to his office every weekend so I could watch him work and at the same time act like the manager too.. Ha ha, Ah Kong's footsteps how I loved acting like him. I even remember, when his secretary would ask him "Mr. Tan, would you like your coffee?" I'd even tell the secretary to get me one too, but she'd end up giving me a hot cup of Milo. I'd have my small corner in his office and act like as if I was busy the way he was.. Gosh, Ah Kong really played a big role in my life..

I was always Ah Kong's pampered little girl. Ah Ma and mommy can tell you that, he'd make me his special little one all the time. He taught me so much in life, how to be humble and work hard. He taught me so much in life and how you never give up and fight for what you want. Even now when his lying in the hospital bed, Ah Kong still hangs on his life.. Yes, it hurts us all to see him that way, it hurts me too espicially after growing up with him after all these years.. He never gave up.. He never gives up!

Teenage life was hard on me, things started to change. But I was still Ah Kong's darling girl. Whenever he was around and not in KL, I'd want to have dinner with him and Ah Ma, I'd wait for him after school to bring me out for lunch. As usual, I'd want to 'manja' all I want with him around. Grandpa was my source of comfort zone, I love being around him.

The day Ah Kong had his stroke was the day my life completely changed. It was a few weeks before my birthday, he went all the way to KL to celebrate my birthday.. The very next day he arrived, he got his stroke. I rushed into the room seeing him trying to just sit up right, his whole left side was weak that he could not even move at all.. He had to lay still the the ambulance arrived and brought him to the hospital. At Tong Shin hospital, we had another scare and that was when Ah Kong had blood clogged in his brain area. We all freaked as doctors all said it was a dangerous situation. We prayed for a miricle, and Ah Kong being the strong one never gave up.. The surgery went fine.. Our prayers was answered.. But that was the last time we ever heard Ah Kong speak..

It was hard to deal for us to see him that way, it killed a part of all of us silently but we never knew how he felt deep within. Poor him, must be going through so much.. I never could bare to see him in the hospital with all the tubes on his body.. I felt like just taking them all away from him, I hated to see him that way. I wished I had the old Ah Kong back, the Ah Kong that would hug me when I cried, the one who would give me great advice in life..The one I love so much, mostly my father figure.. It felt like as if I lost my own father..

Today, one of Ah Kong's old colleague came to see him in the hospital, she told stories of how Ah Kong would guide them through work and all. It was always interesting to hear family members and friends tell stories of my Ah Kong, he had many ways of changing other people's life and he had many ways of touching other people's life. That was my Ah Kong.. he leaves footprints in many people's heart wothout realizing it.. His such an amazing guy.. And I love him for everything he has done..
Dear Ah Kong, I love you for what you have taught me, I love you for what you have done. And mostly I love you because your my only father I have in my life.. And for all that you have done for me, I am trully blessed to have you as my Ah Kong and I count my blessings each day to just live my life remembering what you have done for me, our family and your friends.. I love You.. You have definetly left footprints in my heart that I will forever cherish in my life.. Always and Forever..
*Tears are hard to erase at this point, because the pain he is in we'll never know.. But I pray that God takes him home, because he has suffered enough.. Ah Kong has carreid the cross a long way..
~* Clare Chiara *~