Hotlink - Active 10 (Yes, I'm in it)

( I love teasin her, my agent Foong)

(BHS: Hotlink Active 10)

(The whole cast)

(Also the cast too)

(We all had a great time that night)

Hotlink! It was really fun doing the shoot, tired at the same time but mainly fun.. I finally found the video, yes yes, have a good laugh!!

It was definetly a great moment for me to do this again, memories as usual.. *sigh*

Here are some pictures of my fun day with the cast.. It was definetly a memorable day because after the whole thing, the cast sort of shared a bond with one another, kinda kept in touch with one another too. So it was really great times working and laughing with each and everyone of them.. (Me agents too thou you guys were so much more of sharing the laughter and sarcasms!! )

ps: Foong, if your reading this I want the pictures from your phone too!!

ps: I played the role ugly Betty, dang!! It was hard being ugly!! ha ha..

~* Clare Chiara *~


blueybaby said...

hey hey hey, our lil campaign and you are in it.. haha!
my team plans for hotlink :)