Genting Day Trip (Again)

Genting Highlands, believe it or not Zac, Imran, Wai Yik and I decided to 're-visit' that beautiful place again. Never imagined how great Malaysian weather can be honestly. (I'm not saying Malaysian weather is bad, it's just that these days the weather has been so hot and humid.) So making the decision to head over to higher grounds was not really a bad idea was that. I mean, we were not even interested to hit the theme park or something, we did the same thing few months back just there for coffee.. Ha ha..
So upon leaving KL, rain started to pour cats and dogs we were all stranded in McDonalds near a Shell Station. We had to practically entertain ourselves when we were like waiting for the rain to stop or something. But.. Oh well..
See, Zac kinda lowered his car, so it was kinda risky to actually drive his car there. But thank goodness it was all ok. Upon arrival rain never seemed to stop us from just a short time of cold weather.. We needed that so badly..
We just sat at Starbucks, drank hot coffees.. I got to catch up with some reading while the guys were busy playing their PSP. *sigh* guys.. PSP.. Leave it at home la people!!
Anyway, whatever it is.. I had a great time there of course.. Below are just more pics to feel up my blog.. wakakkakaka..

Yes, it was a great trip I have to admit..
~* Clare Chiara *~