Mel's 22nd Birthday

Mel had her birthday on 22nd on Saturday. (Honestly can you believe I forgot about it until I actually checked my Calender. - Sorry Mel) I messaged Mel around 3 something in the morning while Al, Imran & Zac were playing COD. (Wanna Kill Em Still!) I got a reply from Mel around 12 something was it? I felt so sad for her when she told me she was going to be alone for her birthday. (AGAIN!) So, typical me I decided well let's go out for dinner.

Of course when I tell someone let's go for dinner it would mean just you and me. But I had something up my sleeves. I immediately messaged all the Breakthru members and friends that knew Mel of course and yes, a suprise birthday dinner and clubbing was about to happen.. Come on, it was Mel's birthday what is a birthday without suprises? So this time, I lied to her saying that only I would go for dinner with her and her cousin Ai Wei. (Hope I got the spelling right)

I told Mel, I'd meet her at Curve's Genki Sushi since she loves Japanese food. The guests were all there with me then, but she didn't know about it till I brought her in. (Funny why she didn't think was I lying or something.) Hah! Gotcha again Mel! 2 years in a row! LOL... ( I told her to buy herself a cake, which I knew she's not do it. So me, Imran, Zac & Sunny went to get her this 1 in a million cake.

( Beautiful ain't it?) (Mel making a 2 houred long wish.)
(Mel cutting her beautiful cake)

So yeah after dinner and all (Thou service in Genki Sushi @ Curve is terrible!) we all headed to Breakthru's very famous hang out spot.. Sanctuary! It was real clubbing moment, till we actually had table to sit! It was boring maybe cause we were there early. Trust me.. Mel did not drink at all! So after few jugs of beers.. ths songs slowly started to be something we'd dance too.. And of course we ended up having fun!! *yeeha!!*

(Mel & Alistair - Bro & Si enjoying th club)
(Mel & Imran dancing!)
ps: More pics available in Clare's Facebook Album..
~* Clare Chiara *~


Melissa Mah said...

Dei can take down the picture of me and Immran or not... it looks ugly... and i really mean UGLY!!!!