Mother's Day Dinner & Lunch

I know, once again Clare re-appears to blog. And this time this blog goes out to my mommy, my ah ma and my ah yi. (aunt) Got to celebrate Mothers Day in Ipoh with of course my mother. It was one of the most unexpected celebration. See, me and my dearest aunt have already decided to bring them out for dinner. A dinner that mom and ah ma hardly gets to taste often. (Actually, it was just one of the 'let's have expensive dinner' moments.)

So dinner @ Moven Peak (iph).. Please allow me to state this, do NOT go to Moven Peak when it is crowded. The service there completely spoiled they're bloody image! Can you imagine, we were there around 9 something. Of course we were all dying of hunger and all, we ordered our food and all. And the next thing you know, dinner still has not arrived when it was already 10 plus. Now the kids (my brother and cousin) were with us. You know how kids can get really cranky and all when they did not get food past the time their stomach calls out. So the kids were really going wild, so was I. The food never arrived at all!!! My aunt and I could not stand the hunger that we ordered soup for ourselves. I have to admit it was a different taste,but it was good.
So we decided to give the chef another minute or 10 for our dinner to appear in front of us! Guess what.. It never appeared so we walked out of the restaurant with cravings for good food and all. You will never believe where we ended up our 'expensive dinner night'... McDonalds.. Hah! Seriously wei.. I laughed like mad. I called Liam to complain to him.. He just laughed like a mad dog. *whinez*

So the next day we thought ok, fine we'll have that expensive lunch this time. And thank God for his blessings. We had a lovely lunch @ Indulgence (iph). Best part I think the angels were on our side that day, as I got to just drool and admire this gorgeous looking chef there. Oh lord! And when he served our table his slang.. *Choirs of angels singing Alleluia!*
All pictures taken are by either my little brother or my cousin.
So if the pictures are not that good.. Hey.. they're still kids and at least they know how to use a freaking camera.

~* Clare Chiara *~


aiwei said...

lol.. mcd..
hmmm i didn't know ipoh has such nice restaurants..
every time i go back there, we'll just makan at kopitiam and hunt for local delicacies macam ipoh hor fun with the fatfat taugeh!