Faizal Tahir's - Sampai Syurga

Bloody shit!! I'm so bloody pissed and going bonkers now!! F**k!! I regret the day I agreed doing Faizal Tahir's video! OMG! Can you imagine one whole day we were at location and!!!!!!....... Cannot even see us!!! F**K!! OMG!! This is so stupidly lame!! F**k!! Wasted my f**king time..!! Not to say I hate him and all, this song was beautiful. But the shoot was a disaster! OH MY CRAP!!


Melissa Mah said...

Wow.... they drag u out of bed so early... and didn't even catch a glimpse of you... at least Joanne can still be seen a lil... sigh... what does Tsu Yi gotta say abt this... hmmm..

Clare Chiara said...

Ha ha.. I noe!! I wonder wat de bloody producer has 2 say.. but i haf 2 admit la.. de video was fantastic.. just stupid 4 usin us n like not treatin us well!!