R.I.P. Alfred

On 17/6/2208 around 2a.m. I received a message from Adrian. It was a painful sms. Alfred had passed away at 1 a.m... In my heart I said a silent Amen. I have to thank god for taking away his pain. I still felt upset and all still mostly when I am not doing anything. I keep on remembering how great Alfred is. And how much he has changed so many one of us.

Met Alfred during my confirmation camp in Ipoh, thought he was a wild boy. You know his piercing and all. Hah! Who knew he was actually a kind and forgiving person deep within. One thing that Alfred has thought me in life is to forgive. No matter how much people have done nasty things to you, you'd forgive and continue living each day to the fullest.

Dear Alfred, I'll never forget your strong smile even thou you were in so much pain. I'll never forget the strength you have given me, and how you have changed me as a person in so many million and one ways. Missing you dearly.

Whatever it is, thou it's hard for us all to accept. His in a better place now and he does not have to suffer anymore. *Amen*

R.I.P. Alfred Jerome Ham

~* Clare Chiara *~