Top 10 Sexiest Man

Clare's List of Top 10 Sexiest Man *Astrid.. Your Killin Me*

-Compose a list of your favourite top 10 sexiest man
-Collect one pic of each guy on your list
-Post them on your blog
-Tag 5 people to do the same.

1 - Justin Timberlake (His looks, his voice, everything about him is just God sent)
2-Ami James (His Tattoos, his creativity, his body! God that tush!)
3-Matt Rach (His talent, his ability, his looks)
4-Dave Navarro (His tattoos, something about him just turns me wild!)
5- Brad Pitt (Ultimate gorgeous looks!)
6- Orlando Bloom (His slang, damn it! His looks)
7. David Beckham (Come on are you not drooling at this picture?)
8-Cristiano Ronaldo (Those abs are to die for!!)
9-Wentworth Miller (Look at his eyes! God their amazing!)
10- UTT ( His cute boyish smiles)

1. Adele
2. Melissa
3. Jo'n
4. Ai Wei
5. Tsu Yi

~* Clare Chiara *~