Night out with my double 'A'

Hubby left for Jakarta di. Believe it or not I cried. (A lil) I still miss him so much.

Me and Mon were baby sitting Ryushil cause his like a son to us both. Ended up at Pheona's house for like an hour cause of baby Rienne. And we ended up heading to One Utama cause I needed to get a pink shoe. Cause my old one was falling apart. So I got a pink one from Nose, it's really cute.

So, we were about to head over to dinner when Pete called. Hah, he wanted to see Mon. Now, I know what it's like when you want to have some time alone with your loved one. So I thought you know.. Let them be alone I'll go window shopping on my own or something. Then, phone rings. 1 Message Received. It was Al!!!! "Clare, where are you?" I had to call back la, then he didnt answer the call. I though, guess I'm stuck alone.

Then, my phone rang. "Al - Guitarist" *Squeals* Thank god.. I didn't really want to be a lamp post. As much as I wanted to be with Mon, I knew they needed time alone. "Clare. Where are you? Jom lepak. Dengan Afiq ni, jom!" Hell yeah I was thinking.. I miss them so much. Felt like months I din't see them. Now, it's not to say I dumped Mon, I know that she and Pete were never able to be like.. alone alone together. So I thought, well it's nice that his meeting with her for dinner now.

They came all the way to 1 Utama to get me and we ended up at Curve TGIF for dinner. Now, Afiq already said he had a suprise for me, OMG! Let me tell you I wanted to laugh at that suprise. It was his latest radical hair style. He permed it.. OMG! I could not stop laughing. But hey, who am I to stop him from having that hair right?

Everytime when Pat is away, the two of em take good care of me. Hah! And I appreciate that loads.. He he.. Thou I feel like the small girl who kena bully often, but being able to sit and gossip with them often. Hah! TOTALLY AWESOME!!

ps: Afiq! Shopping ya dong! wakakkakak.. (Oh pictures will be uploaded soon!)

~* Clare Chiara *~