5th August 2008

My birthday. My big day. My day to become a princess. It was totally awesome! But people.. Here are some rules and regulations to throw Clare a suprise party.

Wanna see my surpise-ness??
Here it is!

1. Suprises = Lies! Please make sure you know how to cover up a lie when you create one! Especially when you have to hide it from me!
2. OMG! Seriously, don't la bring me shopping to waste time! I'd buy stuff for sure la right??!!
3. Getting my hubby involved is a big bummer. He don't know how to cover up sometimes.
4. When your with a big group, please... have the courtesy to think for others sometimes. (If you get what I mean.)
5. Never get Aaron to cover up a story for you because he can be the blurest of all!
6. When you call to wish someone happy birthday and end up telling her about the party.. COVER UP!! OMG Shon Bro!! Hah!
7. When u ask me out often it would be less obvious. But suddenly out of no where you keep asking me out so I don't end up in Think Tank is so wrong

But honestly I appreciate everything that was done! I swear.. From the bottom of my heart you all bloody moved me to tears ok! So here's my personal one on one thanks.

People I'd love to thank mostly.

(Hubby for loving me each and everyday.)

(Biggest hugs & kisses to my darling daughter)

(Monica for making me shop!)

(Mel for getting me! *shoot*)

(Alistair from hiding this from me!)

(Xanthus for allowing us to make noise @ Frames)

(Ming who was working so hard to entertain us all!)

(Ai Wei for being there with me.)

(Son-in-law Aaron who needs to learn to lie!)

(JM Afiq for bringing me shopping and not telling me bout the suprise!)

(Takeshi Al for not telling me too!)

(Vincent who loves cuddles...)

(Jeremy for his jokes.)

(Shazwan for his funny-ness.)

(Zaahid for his clown-ing around)

(Sunny & Imran for being there with me of course.)

(Boone Di Di for being a part of the suprise.)

(Elaine for being there too.)

(Yik Chai who never touched the phone for once!)

(Esther for once she was there to celebrate with me.. Alone.)

(Zac gor for always being there somehow.)



My Ohana..

My Family for celebrating with me throughout all these years.

I love all of you for making my birthday a special day even thou it was times of darkness at one point when hubby was not around. I appreciate all the love that was given to me by all of you. I thank God each day for giving me such loving family. If it wasn't for all of you my birthday would not be even more special. Especially with the durians and that black dress aunty Joyce got. God knows how I will fit into that horrible thing. Hah!

I love you all!

~* Clare Chiara *~