Performance @ UUM - Kedah

I had a rocking performance at UUM. I'd go back there again. So here's the story.

Few months back, i received an official letter from UUM, they wanted me to head over to Kedah to perform for a huge event that they were organizing. At first, I was pretty reluctant to do it, because I was thinking it was too far and I was just lazy. But they did not take No for an answer. *Sigh* So i had to say Yes, that after last night, I totally did not regret it. 

On Sunday, I left Pudu say around 9.30. You know Kedah is like freaking far! Thank god they took the double decker Jelita bus. (Thank God, yeah right!) Terry and Chiang Wei were with me, thank god for them. Terry was my manager for the event, and Chiang Wei was like an assistant. 

So anyway, the journey was freaking far that we arrived there at 4 in the morning! I could not sleep on the bus because... 1) Some China students were like talking damn loud as if the bus was all theirs. 2) The driver was speeding and I was like swinging left to right. By the time I arrived there, i was dead tired. All I wanted to do was to sleep and just sleep. But upon arriving UUM, I was like... OMG!! They had a go-cart, a golf course, a deer park, a botanical garden, a swimming pool and so much more..

Now, after seeing all the beautiful access, you'd think ' I can't wait to hear about the room'. Trust me i was so looking forward to my room too! When Jason gave me the keys to the room. I was so excited, me and Wei were sharing a room. 2 girls in 1 room = Gossip la!! So... As we walked in the room, this AJK from the event showed us the toilet.. I was greeted by a my best friend la.. the cockroach, and it's best friend.. Ants.. Oh yes, I was so looking forward to my room now.. As I opened the room door. *Faints* "You gotta be kidding me!" There was 2 beds, a study table and that was it. THAT WAS IT! I had to send an MMS to hubby and mom. Somehow it made me learn to appreciate what I had even more. 

The next day I had to get up at 9.00 because the rehearsal was at 10.00 in the morning. Eye bags under my eye lid. Make up was a great help then. Rehearsal did not go very well for me however. I went out of tune, I could not hear myself. But people were coming up to me after the rehearsal saying i was good. "Maybe I was deaf" I thought. But Terry my dear manager for the event was like, "Clare you must stand in front of the sound system, listen to the tune before you hit the note!" He was a great manager. 

With my heart beating so fast, like many of you facing the crowd... Even with my many years of performing. I was scared. I admit that, I was so scared to death! I had my own room, but I had no choice but to allow the make up artist to use my room to make up for the dancers too. (So much for alone and warming up time to myself.) I thought you know, oh well a whole room to myself and being able to warm up, calm myself down and all. But sharing is caring right? I did make more new friends there too.

Before my turn, the stage manager. Or should I say, Jason. He asked me to head over to backstage. There went my heart again, i heard it fall right into my stomach. I said a little prayer, I asked God to just enjoy my performance. My hands started to sweat, people were coming up to me saying 'Your really good, don't get scared la.' Jason was like 'You pro mar!' then this dude Bryan, he was really helping to calm me down. He was one of the break dancers that night. He did a short break dance with his team to chill me down and then.. He was like 'You know, you really have to rock the show. Your pro! And we should be scared.' That so did not help, but oh well. It's normal for all of us to feel the fear. 

The only thing in my mind i feared was.. I'd screw the performance up. Some more I was the only performer who was pro and invited. The stress was really on me.. *Sigh* i had to do this, I had to give a good show. I cannot screw it up. I want to make this, the performance of my life. Next up, it was me. There goes my heart............ "We have such great honor to invite one of our guest star today, all the way from KL. She's a talented and well known singer who has performed for many private functions. Clare!" I walked out towards the stage, 3,000 audience. I kept telling myself "Let's rock this show!"

I had to sing 2 songs that night. 1. Menghitung Hari by Kris Dayanti 2. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. As i was singing Menghitung Hari, I saw little white lights shining and waving side to side. I was thinking to myself. "Shit.. I must have screwed up." Slowly the lights were more... There were more lights.. What the hell was it, till I managed to catch a gimps... The audience took their cell phones, made it look like a torch light and waved it when I was singing. I was so touched. I almost teared but I had to hold back my tears. I had one more song to do, and that was when I had to really bring down the house.

Last song.. *Come on Clare, I can do this. Let's show them!* "Thank you all for your love, you guys are such an amazing audience. This is my last song for tonight, now I want all of you to stand up." Everybody did!! "We are all going to have fun dancing right now. can we do that?" Thank god, I got a reply which was "YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" I sang my heart out. I even walked all the way to the back of the hall, which was far! I walked like as if I was some Britney or Beyonce. But all I wanted was to give a great show. I walked all the way to the back, dance with them. I even had 'bodyguards' walking with me! And..... the paparazzi who was there that night was taking pictures!! Flashes were going off, I was going blind! I was having so much fun in this performance! I love the audience! Then..... suddenly... "Shit! I'm out of tune, I need to hear the tune!!" And the nearest sound system was back up the stage... DAMN IT!! I rushed back up stage to get the right tune and walked back down again to have fun with the audience.

I did it! I did it! I gave my best! I did my best. As I turned my back.. "Encore! Encore! Encore!" I teared. I was so touched. This was by far the best performance I have ever done. The audience was by far the best. I turned around gave a final bow, turned to head to the backstage. Walking into the backstage, claps and cheers were heard from the AJK and other performers. I was truly touched. I whispered a silent thank you to God for helping me.

If asked if I'd do it again. Yes! Totally. I'd go back and do it again. Whole heartedly.

~* Clare Chiara *~


-Mattie- said...

Aren't you a star now! Yeah Clare!

Melissa Mah said...

Hahaha.... at least you had the time of your life... glad you had fun...