4 years - Down Memory Lane with 'Him'

'Hamster'. Like I'd fall for a guy who would even say I looked like a hamster, but I did. For 4 years, I'm still his 'hamster look alike'. It was the weirdest way we got together, I can't even recall how we got together, but somehow cupid hit us both hard that night. That very first night when we announced our love. 24th October 2004.

Credit goes to Ms. Sofia Sani for the match making, if it wasn't for her. Our journey in life would not have started. I was still in college, and he was a Restaurant Manager at Italianies. I was working part time there as a hostess, with Sofia then. My heart was not prepared for love then, I was still innocent  with this 'true love' situation, my heart was still shattered then. Life was still a road ready to be taken for me.

He was trying his best to get me, I was too blind to see. Ms Sofia Sani, managed to realize that and somehow managed to get the sms that started me to open my eyes to love in front of me. Things were weird then, I tried to act cool still. But he managed to catch my heart somehow, he must have paid cupid a whole sum!! He would stand with me at the hostess stand, he as the restaurant manager who is supposed to be running up and down the then newly opened restaurant. He said :"I need to stand here so the customers won't lash out on you when they don't get their sits." I found that the lamest pick up line honestly. But I think cupid was searching for a sharper arrow, but that arrow he shot then gave a small prick to my heart then, cause thou it was lame. I found it sweet. *blush*

Then 24th night, Ms Sofia needed to head home early. Transport had to come from Him.... *Oh Shit!* He said he'd send me home after I go for a date with him. Let me tell you it was the one in a million date! We were all... (Nicol, Gavin, Richard Don & Him) at TGI Fridays (1 utama) watching Manchester United vs. Arsenal! What a date, and I had no idea about football then. (THEN!) So imagine, us on a date with the managers!!!! That night, we made our relationship public. That night, he did not go down on one knee to ask me to be his. But it was our silent 'first kiss' that said it all. I knew that cupid found that sharp arrow. This was all I wanted, all I needed.

He was not romantic, but he'd try.
He was not rich, but he'd give me what I wanted.
He was tired, but would stay up for me.

Within our first week, my dearest aunt Joyce had to do the most unpredictable. "Pat! Come in, my father wants to see you." We were on our way out for our weekly date. And she does this to me?! Now? Oh please, don't embarrass me! (Cause my first date she told the poor boy this :"She goes a virgin, comes back a virgin!) Now what..... My heart was ready to pop out, this was it. His meeting my whole family! S**T! Grandpa's silence meant so much, but he did not say much. Which normally means pass, because all my ex he had so much to say about them! *Ish* But I know grandpa was happy I found love.

 Pat then had to meet my whole family, when I say whole here I mean grandunc, grandaunts, aunts and uncs and cousins. It was Uncle Daniel's wedding. It was there where he met granduncle Bishop Paul Tan who hearts me loads. :) His words to Pat was "Patrick, take care of my niece! She's a great girl and you better take good care of her." *Faints* Did grandunc Paul not realize he was a sikh? Ha ha.. But oh well, bishops blessings, better then nothing. ;p

Our journey in life began. 
Our Love was about to take loads of roads.
Life started to change, we took so many journeys together.
He would hold me in his arms, when I was so afraid.
We cried.
We laughed.
We fear.
Whatever it was, we were alway there for each other.

He is my rock.
He is motivator.
He is my adviser. 
He is the tissue paper I use to wipe my tears away.
He is my roof over my head.
He is the shelter I needed.
He is my security.
He is my biggest fan.
He is my supporter.
He is me..
He began starting to be my life.

Today, I sit back recalling what great memories we shared. And think back of all the roads we took together, him holding my hand guiding me in every step I took in life. Jumping down the cliff with me, but ready to face the impact. This was the journey I've always dreamt of. My 'Princess dream', my prince charming. It was all worth it, I could not ask for more. This... Our Love... everything is perfect. *tears*

I'm ready to face more journeys with you. Baboo... *smoochess*

I love you always and forever. And as we sit down and think back of the times. I'd cherish every moment, every second of being with you. I thank God for you. Because to me, your my soulmate that I'd want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you.. I love you...

~* Clare Chiara *~