A Note: Of me being VAIN!

Oh the boredom these days. I was just telling Esther how much I miss cam-whoring with her. :p *Aahh* to reminisce those days where we would pose at every single moment a camera appears in front of our faces.

I decided to toy around with my laptop while killing the boredom. So of course shots were being took and all of my 'boredom vain moment.'

(What look I was pulling off.... I HAVE NO IDEA!)

(The purpose is to be vain. That's all.)

(Why do you think every where I go there's a camera with me?)

But of course, I miss my vain partners. Ms. Esther Hor and Ms. Calaine Lye! I say we take the best pictures together all the time. Be it good or bad. Hah!

(My favorite picture of Ms. Esther & Mua )

(This years Disney Princess, we'll be cam-whoring away!)

ps: Just found out from Pat that Sharon is admitted in the hospital. GET WELL SOON SHARON!

~* Clare Chiara *~