Disney Princess 2008

Last year was the pageant, this year was the Royal Stage Activities. I can't say that this year was stressful. This year was FUN all the way! I didn't get any video or pictures taken thou. It's pretty limited. (*fingers cross* that Darius remembers to send to us!)

This year the stage was smaller, I was too afraid to even stand on the stage. Cause when the kids were up there.. *Geez* the whole stage started to shake, and what more.. The kids had to run, jump.. etc.. on the stage! So due to the small stage, I had to stand below the stage. Hah! The stage was no longer my castle too like last year, this year it was just a background of my castle. 

Worst part of all, Darius forgot my gown and I had to go get new ones because the clothes that I brought to Ipoh was just not suitable for this event. So the day of the event, mom and me had to rush to get new dresses for the event. Thank God we could find the dress, if not... *sweats*

Then here's the thing I hated most, there was this lady who recognized me from last year. She was so b***hy ok! She came up to me and said :" You were last years Princess right? Dress up like Princess all. Please la, your old already. Old Princess!" I was like... What is your freaking problem? *Sheesh* lady, you can say what you want cause at the end of the event, I'm getting oadi 

The event went swell I have to say, thou we had a few 'matters' here and there. But we managed to pull it off. *Jumps for Joy*

This year, the team was different. We bonded way more. Maybe because we all knew each other. =) We went for dinner together, breaks together.. heck even smoke breaks! We even went clubbing together. Which was the joy and fun part. But to Darius, the next time you come over, you are NOT allowed to pay! *sheesh* the dude paid for everything.. I mean Thank you seriously.. but her really pampered us girls.. So Darius thanks for taking good care of us. 

And lastly, my thank you list.

1. I'd like to thank Marina & gang for letting me be a part of this again.

2. Darius for pampering us. And taking good care of us during the event.

3. Amelia the sister.. Who was a great Assistant to me for the event.

4. Lastly, Anne Marie.. Thou you complain too much! Ha ha, thanks for helping too. =)

LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS.. Till the next year then..

~* Clare Chiara *~