Lu's Big Day

I never realized how much time flew by so fast... My dearest Lu, my high school mate who used to sit next to me in high school is finally off the market. Yes she got hitched on 6th December. I felt so honored that she invited me attend her grand moment. I mean it's been 5 years since I last saw her, we did keep in touch. So it was really an honor to be with her.

So on 6th afternoon right after work I rushed over to Esther's to head back to Ipoh. We had to rush back after the dinner as my kids were having their concert the very next day. (ps: Dear Esther, thank you so much for driving!) We got pulled over by cops...- Silence on this moment -

So anyway.... we managed to make it for her dinner few minutes before she arrived.. =D I was sitting at the same table with old school mates who i have not seen for 5 years... What a joy it was to be able to see them again.. And Lu's slide... Lu's high school moments... She posted a picture of us all in school.. *sigh* those were the good old days..

I really want to see them again. Too bad the night had to end that fast... But I'd do it again so somebody better get married fast!!! Ha ha..

Anyway to Lu and her new husband Seong. I wish you joy, happiness and love... May you cherish each day and take a step to a better life together...

~* Clare Chiara *~