Remembering the good of 2008 (Updated)

Looking back at 2008 1 last time..
There were good and bad memories. Memories that would last forever, memories that will be erased for ever and memories I'll cherish. But I'll mention the good ones here mostly, and try to update with pictures, if I can find them all. 

~A Dedication to Ah Kong - 2nd Tattoo

- My 22nd birthday I got a tattoo to remind me to work hard like Ah Kong

~ The break with the loved ones.

- To see the smile on the loved ones face.. Meant so much.

~ The curtain falls for the last time for BREAKTHRU

- The end of Breakthru, but the friendship remains closer to the heart more than ever!

~Proud of the small one.

- Forever he will be my pride and joy of his achievements.

~ The Childhood Bestie returns to Malaysia

- After years and months in UK, the childhood bestie comes home.

~I get introduced to 'apple'

- I get gifts for my birthday and Christmas

~I loose the best 'Friendship' in my life - Toki

- The best I could ever ask for, always and forever.

~ 'Our Kids'

- My babies whom I absolutely adore more than anything. Trx & Toffee.

~ I get a New Look courtesy of Mon

- Mon colored and brought back my natural curls to life with a rocking new do.

~ 4 years with the LOVE of my life

- We celebrated 4 years of our love by taking a walk down memory lane.

~ Welcoming the New Generation for the 'Tan'

- Cousin Gabrielle is born. Uncle Daniel & Aunt Mei Yoong's first kid. And 'Tan' family's new generation.

~ Welcoming Rienne Wee Kaur

- Pheona and Jay's baby girl became a real sweetheart to me. =)

~ 2nd Year as Princess Clare.

- It was an honor to be called back to be Disney's Princess again, I got to work with a sister, a friend. And......

~ An ex classmates ties the knot

- To be able to see her and a few other classmates after 5 years was good enough.

~ Pumpkin has 18 puppies for the 1st time!

- 18 puppies unfortunately there was 6 left..

Whatever it was.. 2008 has been a year of tears, love and joy. Friendships that I cherish, some.. I want to erase. Memories that will remain with me for the rest of my life, and some.. I want to forget.

But whatever it is. It was one heck of a year.. I can't wait to see what this year holds for me. What I have to face, what I have to overcome.. But it's gonna be one heck of a ride! And it's going to be a roller coaster.. That I know for sure.

~* Clare Chiara *~