Babes, Chats and Updates (Day 2)

Yes, once again. The next group gathers. This time there were 6, a little bit bigger than last night. We all had our chats, on what we were going to do next in life, what they missed out in mine.. And what I missed out in theirs. 

Some are married, some a mommy! Some.. on the way. *Wow* So we all planned for more meet ups and gatherings. Let's see if this time it will actually happen. I miss them so much, and I really am glad that we could finally meet up, catch up and talk after all these years. Just that we really have to stop doing this every 5 years. 

I know we're bound to move on at one point, I know we did. But I am ever that glad that, we still kept in touch and in great connection with everyone. =) And I'm glad that at one point, they reminded me of how much I used to love school. *Hah*

~* Clare Chiara *~