I Fell In Love In Hong Kong (Part 1)

The surprises that was done and made for me. Secretly some more! Smack their bums!

It was good to be back in Hong Kong. I fell in love again in Hong Kong. Business trip with the loved ones works sometimes, it kinda makes you closer to each other. So, this trip made me realize I was blessed to have HIM. 

Where do I begin. Right, the plane. Of all planes! Air Asia. I am not saying that Air Asia is not a good flight, it was alright. Not great but alright flights la, who am I to complain when I get to go for free right? It's just that the space was small and the food serving that costs RM9 sucked!

No really, the food has to go! The service was.. 'boleh tahan' la. Not great either. But note to all of you who wants to take Air Asia flights heading some where for more than 2 hours, take something along to kill the boredom! And if you wanted the blood flow to run in your veins, just walk around, seriously! Because if you don't your leg kinda fails you later on. But the thing that captivated me most was.. The view. 

It was really madly in love with the view. The sky and the sea combined made a picture perfect moment for me, thou the sunset had to be on the other side, I could see from my window that it might have been the most beautiful scenery ever in the world! 

We arrived HK around 8pm, we needed to look for a bus that headed to our hotel that was Rosedale on the Park hotel all the way in Causeway Bay. Here's another thing I need to mention, there is NO FREE SHUTTLE BUS! It costs at least HK$140 to take a bus from the airport to Causeway Bay. HK$140 per person! That's like RM7 here! How cheap is that! Because we arrived at the hotel around 9 something, everything around us was closed. And besides we did not dare to head further as... we were afraid we might get lost. So, we walked around the hotel and found Pizza Hut, what the heck. Our stomachs was hungry anyways. So Pizza it was, but oh boy.. Was I ever excited to be in pizza hut. It was pork all the way! I'm not trying to insult or say anything bad here, but there was freaking PORK on the pizza! ~WooHoo~ How could I resist it? It's a new taste and a new try right? 

Ham, Pork, Bacon... OMG! I love Hong Kong food! Pork all the way! I'll try my very best to upload more pictures of it alright! After dinner, we called it a night. The plane ride really made us dead tired and we made a deal to wake up at 7.30 in the morning. Because we had work that needed to be done. And I was really upset with the work. Seriously, the work was not as fun as I thought it would be. 

Anyways, less of that. We decided to head for the shopaholic moments! And honestly, it's good to get lost, cause as tourists we're meant to get lost and find our way next.. But in this case, make sure you get a great pair of comfy shoes when you wanna get lost. It was 14 degrees that day when we decided to head out to shop, and let me tell you it was also pouring cats and dogs! So the boyfriend out of guilt decided to buy me a jacket from Adidas. And I'm surprisingly loving it. 

He chose the red one cause I guess it matches his too. Just that his is Nike and mine is Adidas. =) And the new shoes I got for myself was by far the most expensive shoe I have ever bought for myself! And I mean it!


It's 1.30 am! I need to hit the sacks first... More updates soon.

~* Clare Chiara *~