I fell in Love In Hong Kong (Part 2)

Ok, as promised... Part 2. 

So, Day 2 was shopping all the way and a few hours of work. But the shopping did pay off. Anyways, it was off to the MTR station and we headed off to Ladies Market. Now the MTR, one thing I have admired a lot is that the journey there was easy because the guide and signboards was really a big help. Thank God there was english! Cause, my cantonese is completely broken and gone! 

It was a sight for sore eyes, minus the freaking rain! It kinda made real great use of my new jacket. So Ladies Market, I think i spent more on souvenirs than my own gifts. *sigh* See how much I love ya'll? And one more thing, I never had a chance to shop whenever I was in HK. It was work and work and work all the way. So this was the first business trip where I actually get loads of days to shop! 

Right, anyways. Ladies market is sort of like a bazaar, a bargain bazaar. And I was NOT GOOD at all when it comes to bargaining. So the boyfriend had to be the one who did the bargaining, and he was really good at it. Surprisingly! Things that were sold that was ultimately cheap there and unique if I may say so. 

It took really hours to shop so long. It was tiring, and the feet really hurt and since lunch time was around the corner, we decided to look for a nice small food stall to enjoy some much needed food. And lunch it was indeed. 

Hot pork chop noodles was really tasteful, and his pork chop rice was his choice. And the best part of all.. We ordered this lemon chicken which was really.. *YUMMY* So after lunch, we decided to not finish the walk down Ladies Market because it was seriously... looooooooonnnnnnnnggggg... We headed back to the hotel, because our legs both was really sore and I needed so badly to soak it in the hot bath tub. =) And... the sad part, it was a journey to the hotel!!!

So yes, the comfort of the hotel was really comforting after the much needed feet soak, we decided to head over to Lan Kwai Foong cause Azzie said it was the place to head off too. So, we did. We once again walked all the way to Causeway Bay MTR station and headed off to Lan Kwai Foong. That place was something similar to Bangsar here. Loads of Alcohol and loadsa 'Mat Salleh'. God forgive me for 'washing my eyes'. =D But the alcohol especially Budweiser was a real great tool to keeping yourself warm. 

- end of part 2 - To be continued later after lunch. =) 

~* Clare Chiara *~