I fell in Love In Hong Kong (Part 3)

People busy la, so now will be updates on HK part 3. I will try to finish the whole thing today. 

So, after the nice warm water and all. It was off to Lan Kwai Foong. Let me tell you something, alcohol + Mat Salleh - the boyfriend = The ultimate single hood! Unfortunately la.. But I did have loads of fun too. Budweiser, curry chips and watching annoying people annoy people. We had loadsa laugh there. 

After the drinks and the fill up. We decided to take up and adventure, to just walk around HK. Not the whole of HK la, it's too big, but I felt like as if we did walk the whole HK! We decided to just walk around to have a look at how night life was and all. Cause I never had opportunity to do that when I was there the last time. We started walking and walking.. until.. (I knew this was going to happen) WE GOT LOST! The boyfriend was like 'trust me, I know where I am going' and we got lost! And the best part, we still had to walk like miles and miles away back to the hotel!

The walking was fine, but it rained and the road was slippery! Thank God I bought this new pair of sneakers that I kinda adore loads now. It cost a bomb compare to the price I'd pay for a pair of shoes! But, the comfort mattered a lot. Seriously, we walked till we reached McDonalds, yes the fast food where Malaysia has stalls everywhere. So does HK. And in HK I really mean everywhere.. They had this McCafe, which I fell in love with. They sold coffee, latte, hot chocs, cakes and loads more. And the best part, the cold hit hard and I needed something warm. So Hot Chocolate and cake it was. 

*slurp* kan? By the time we had the break.. It was already 12.30 am and we decided to head back to the hotel. 

The last day, it was so hard for me to say farewell to HK. I had some memories there, and now.. once again I'm leaving with another memory.. Where I fell in love with the boyfriend again. I was sitting at the window of the suite, looked out the window and was thinking. Each time I whined that my leg hurt or complained that I'm hungry and lashed out on him. He'd tolerate it, he'd still stand by me and sometimes give me more strength at the end too. He was my back bone helping and guiding me. And I knew, I would never get lost with him by my side. And that brought back loads of great moments we once shared. 

And it was worth it. To be there with him. Thou it was a surprise. It was honestly worth it. And I honestly do not regret it. =) 

We still did walk around HK before we left cause our flight was at 8pm. And we enjoyed the last moments in HK. And were off the the airport around 5 something. I fell in love in Hong Kong again, and that's all that matters. =) Screw the work, it didn't matter after all. 

~* Clare Chiara *~