Love & Care Charity Eventi

It was a great event organized for charity, minus the part where it was a little bit hectic but all in all. It was a great and touching event. 

They invited some 'Astro' singers to perform that night, and yes.. blame me for not knowing any of them. You really did not know who was who, but people at the event seemed to know them and took it as if they were really huge local celebrities like say Jaclyn Victor. Was a little weird to see that happening. But, at least they were doing it for a good cause right? So, hats off to them for that. 

However, there was this certain singer that I really loved. Her name was 'Xiao Ma Yi' (small ant) I wonder why she called herself that. But her voice was beautiful! And there was this other cute singer.. too bad.. Don't know his name. 

The best friend performed that night. 

The dance partner was my partner that night too, as my partner in crime.. Ha ha.. =D

Like I said, when it comes to Charity I'm all in. And this charity the amount of tables sold and the amount of money collected for charity. I lift my hats off to all the committee member and members for  job well done. It was extra beautiful to see the orphanage kids enjoy themselves that night. 

Here's a video of the whole event.. Cut short a little la.. 

~* Clare Chiara *~