New Color thanks to Exoticut!

Today was a 'fun' day. Well, not much of a fun. It was more of a rush. =) So, mom and I got our hairs a makeover! *YESH!* Finally!

My hair has been half red and half black lately, so I needed to get it done. ASAP, because there are upcoming events and shoots and performances! *sigh* So this time around I went to Exoticut. 

I was really excited as that an ex classmate of mine, Vicky is the colorist there. And boy, did she do a great job! I was stuck with choices of colors and since my hair has more than 1 color. She was so helpful with advices and choices of colors. 

We finally decided on something light. She wanted to lighten the hair to bring out my features more. So since I never did it before, I decided to give it a go. I wanted to surprise him at the same time. =)

I was there from 4 till 7! The coloring took that long! *bangs head* But you know the best part, I told mom to get a new look too. So the stylist cut off mom's long hair... And now mom has a short do and she looks so much younger and cute!!! 

Since mom is camera shy, the best picture I could get was this. Mommy looks younger! So much younger! I was really nervous and excited at the same time to see the color. My heart was pounding fast I swear because I was scared it would be to light and I'd look like a blond bimbo or something! 


It looked awesome!! And I love it!! I absolutely love it!! *squeals out loud!*

To Vicky, thank you so much for the new look! I absolutely love it! And to all of you out there looking for a new cut or a new look.. I highly recommend Exoticut. I'm looking forward to do my shoots now with a new do. ZED or AL I'm calling out you both! =D

~* Clare Chiara *~