Tutti Circle Lenses

I need to announce this. I need to thank my optician a lot here. I forgot to mention about it after the shoot. *Sorry*

 (With Grey colored)

She actually sponsored 3 packet of contact lenses for the shoot. And the lenses are actually nice! It's called Tutti Circle. And it does at one point make your eyes bigger, it's different thou. But it's really nice and I am absolutely loving it!

So to all of you out there who is searching for a new colored lens to wear. I highly recommend this brand because not only it's rub - free. It's honestly really comforting! 

Once again, forgetful me! I forgot to mention the colors. She gave me green, grey and brown. Thou for green it's not really a natural color, you'll be surprise how good it can look on you. 

 (And this is Green)

Thanks again Carmen! Appreciate it loads! *smooches*

~* Clare Chiara *~