The Bestie Weds..

After all the waiting, the preparation the bestie finally ties the knot on Sunday. Was glad to have been a part of her joyous occasion. 

I think the part that was touching most was when Mel decided to use the song the boys chose as her entrance song. I think it was the nicest thing she could do for them. 

I missed out on Lydia's wedding thou, but was really happy that at least the boys took loadsa video to show me. And my darling little girl looks so cute in her pretty flower dress. And Nat the ring bearer. Totally adorable. =) I think that was the most touching wedding ever, and to have it outside too. It was really beautiful.

So, congratulations to Mel and Lydia. 

To view more pictures of Melissa's big day please head over to my Facebook account. It's all there, here's just one of it. 

~* Clare Chiara *~