Girlie Time with Adele

I had a great girl time with Adele. A much needed girl time with Adele actually, and I'm so glad it was just the 2 of us. =) 

We went for a chick flick. I give the movie an average la.. ok only la. But I'm not saying it's bad either. Because when there is hunkalicious guys in the movie, you know it's gonna be good! Oh, I haven't mentioned the name. It's 'His just not that into you'. 

Gosh, somehow when I watched this movie. But honestly there are some women out there like these women. And it may come as a shock to you, some of us just never admit it. So, this is kinda a great movie to hit you hard in your face.

Anyway, after movies Adele and I got pedicure. Finally after months of finding the time to do so. Then we headed out for lunch at Nando. Bonding sessions were shared, we kinda talked bout things and I'm glad we did. Cause we realized how important friendship meant to us all. =) Right Adele? 

Anyway, I had a great day. Later am meeting up with the newlyweds for dinner. So looking forward to that. And will blog about it soon.

ps: Thank you all for the congratulations. The date is set on December or November for now. =) Will update you guys more on it. 

~* Clare Chiara *~