Align CenterI want one of these! 

I envy Maurice! His got great cute collections of toys sometimes. Then again, it's Maurice we're talking about! =) 

There is Star Wars! Freaking Star Wars ok! Princess Lena and that dude, and their soooooo cute!! 

Then again, Transformers was there too. Ha ha =D Bumble Bee looks cute too right? 

Oh, I want Chubaka and the white little dudes. What do you call them again? I really want Chubaka, his my favorite Star Wars urm.. Thing. His cute! (Thus explain the hairy dude I'm getting engaged to)

ps: These small little cutesies, don't come cheap. So the boyfriend has to burn his pocket again. =p 

I demand too much sometimes. Ha ha =D Oh well, doesn't kill to ask does it? I'm still jealous of Maurice!

~* Clare Chiara *~