KFC shoot and Updates

I've been meaning to post this up after the shoot. But, just wanted to wait till it appeared on tv. I was doing this KFC ad, with kids of course. And their really hard to handle honestly, cause this ones were way past the terrible 2! This was the terrible 8 or 10 or something la!

So, while we were waiting for the crew to get things ready and all. The kids were bonding with me. So they started to draw pictures on the blackboard and all. And they drew.. (I think) me. I found it cute and sweet of them to do such things. 


And the way the spelt my name. *sheesh* 

Then, the best part. They drew my house. Ha ha.. So cute!

Oh by the way. When they found out who my boyfriend was. (Thanks to Maurice) Wah, the whole. "You got a girlfriend, you got a boyfriend" tease started to hit the very small gym space! It was cute, and the shoot turned out great. 

I just wanted to remind myself how lucky I am sometimes. Thus, the blog today. 

I'm going back to KL tomorrow. And the shoot begins.. *sigh* A whole 2 weeks of shoots and meet ups. Gosh, really back to reality. But at least there's one event I will be looking forward to.. A bestie is getting married on Sunday! 

~* Clare Chiara *~