Mizu - Japanese Fine Dining

The boyfriend took me for Japanese fine dining. First time ever in our 4 year plus relationship, cause he hates seafood. So, this was a big thing.. Because.. It was just the two of us. =)

Mizu is located at TTDI Plaza, pretty near TAO. It's fine dining, the price is pretty worth it honestly. Pricey, but the food is really yummy. 

Somehow, his phone never left him. As usual.

And I really was dead bored, so the cam whoring began. =) And now, you can see the hair color. =)

This was the snack they served, it was lotus roots, carrots, sesame seed and some sweet-ish sauce. 

Tofu!! It had this paper looking cuttlefish and shrimp roe, it was so so so.. Yummy!

We had tempura too. Assorted kinds, the fish was heavenly because it was juicy and huge and really filling. 

Since the boyfriend hated seafood, he as usual ordered tepanyakki chicken. *sigh*

I had cold Soba noodels. *yummy* It comes with a quail egg. You mix the egg with that 'soup' thingy, and put the cold noodles in. It's honestly scrumptious! 

The boyfriend can't live without rice, so he ordered his garlic fried rice. 

I wanted something less sweet but nice and tasty, so I chose the greet tea ice cream with a red bean paste. It's nice thou... the boyfriend didn't like the after taste of green tea ice cream. More for me!! =p

Anyways, head over to Mizu for a really fine dinning Japanese experience alright?! 

~* Clare Chiara *~