Sneak Preview of Al's Test Shot.

I decided to ought for Al instead of Zed. It's a big risk, but I have a good feeling about it. Mind the messy look thou, it was just a test shoot. And here are a few shots that I like a lot. =) 

I like this, cause I think I was chatting with Mel at that time. 

Mind the belly.. *blush*

This I was scolding Afiq for being annoying. Ha ha, does that look like I'm scolding?!

I absolutely love this picture thou, however mind the eye bags and puffy eyes. It was a night of tears and sleepless hours. 

And this, can you imagine how a little flash can make you look good.. ha ha. =)

Thanks Al, can't wait for the real shoot to happen thou! Thank you Melissa for making me pull off my 'natural' look. Thank you Afiq for being annoying and emo!

~* Clare Chiara *~