Sushi King Bonanza!

Funny how people find blogging an in thing these days, the links are loading up with friends. =D

Anyways, just got back from the Sushi King Bonanza! Each plate (with rice) was only RM2!! RM2!! Went with Susan and Mom. I need to give a special thank you speech to Ms. Susan. =D Cause without her, I doubt that I would have a chance to eat that much sushi! And because of her, I have to jog more today and cardio is going to be a murder today! =(

The pictures would tell the story, so I will try my best to update with the pictures alright?! 

Upon arrival, the amount of people lining up waiting to enter! *sheesh* There was just a lot of people! We waited for our table for more than half an hour! Seriously, and when we were done. THE FREAKING LINE WAS LONGER! And that was like 3 something!

My stomach was dying to stuff sushi into it so of course, upon sitting. We started grabbing as much plates as we wanted. (That picture, was just the first round!) And seriously the plates started pilling up as we all chatted. And I really mean... PILLING UP!

This was just the 1st batch of empty plate. Because they take away the plates bit by bit. So I had to take the amount of plates. Here we had 8 plates.

Here we had the 2nd batch of empty plates. Do remember there is just the 3 of us! Here there are 11 plates. 8 + 11 = 19. 19 plates this far!

And here, we have the last batch of plates. Oh my goodness I had the shock of my life counting the plates!! 8 plates + the previous 19 = 27 plates! 27 plates!! And the bill came up to...... RM 72!!!!! Can you imagine that!! Goodness!! This Bonanza is like awesome!

But let me teach you a trick, when you want a certain dish. Try flirting with the guy making it. I did that in front of my mom! Ha ha! And we got it immediately. =) Mom must be so proud! 

On our way out of the Sushi King, the line was still long. There were more people waiting, and I had a surprise. A godbrother was there and it was good to see him. =) He blames me for not making time for him, I blame me too. I need to make more time for him. Him especially.

And of course, I thank you Susan for making time for me and 'dating' me for the Sushi King Bonanza. =) I promise I will meet up with you again when I get back. 

ps: Got latest update. Sharing with you again later. *winkz*

~* Clare Chiara *~


Min_FoodLover said...

Y didn't i get this RM2/plate bonanza news??? Is it over yet? I wanna eat...

Clare Chiara said...

*Aiyo* Over di la.. It was actually the Sushi King card members who get dis..