Dinner with Aunt & Cousin Sister.

A whole day of self pampering today! And it feels so good!

I finally got my nails done. I decided to get french manicure this time round. It's simple and nice at the same time and fits every look! I had my make up done courtesy of Bobbi Brown, the hair styled up courtesy Nikki. All set for shoot! It was a fun shoot thou!

After the whole thing it was time for dinner. *Yummy* I decided to meet up with the aunt since it's been ages since we last met. Wanted to see the little cousin too and was glad that we had dinner together at Frames @ TTDI Plaza.

Was really happy to see the cousin sister! Ain't she a cutie pie?

I got to hear about how Joel wanted to be 'macho' and all with his room door. *tsk tsk* Joel, Joel. I wanted more time with the aunt and the cousin so invited them up to the office. Since the office was near by and work needed to be done. 

Me and the aunt was talking and the little cousin went off disappearing in action. I thought she was watching the boys play PS3 but...

She decided to play 'office'. *sigh* Ain't she a cutie pie?

Went for a much needed massage and am suppose to head off to location in a bit for shoot till late tonight. Wish me luck!

~* Clare Chiara *~