I was supposed to post this up few days back. Damn it, I just keep forgetting! So anyway, Anna and I joined the LIPICE search. The mother made me join when she found out about it, because she says my smile is worth it. *sheesh* Well, let's see if it does. 

So the mother arranged a shoot with her photographer James. To capture me being happy with LIPICE. And it was so funny cause the night before I was crying my eyes out! And look at the puffy eye bags! *sheesh* 

And this is where I need all my friends help. Please help me get votes for this competition! Announce it on your blog or FB.. Anything, help to get me and Anna in as the finalists! This is what you have to do.

2. Enter my email - 
Anna's email -
3. And just vote for us! It's that simple! So guys, please vote for us alright?!

~* Clare Chiara *~


Min_FoodLover said...

hey clare, i really hope that u can win!!! in order to replace the previous spokesperson, erm....

Clare Chiara said...

Wah... 0.0 Don't really plan to replace the previous spokesperson. Just trying for fun. =) That's all.