Skype Matters!

Looky who I chatted with this morning. --> SUNNY!

Miss the boy loads! His in Germany doing his internship now, am really proud of him and can't wait to see what else he has learned. =p But seriously, I am really awesomely thankful for Skype because I can see all this people who have been MIA for such a long time. 

So anyway, Sunny sent me some pictures of his internship in Germany. And he sent me this. Which I feel like banging my head because of this picture! But at least he thought of me right? =p

Mattie has been bugging me lately. I think I have been complaining too much to him to lately. He says I focus on work too much that I forgot my friends. Honestly, I never did. I love them all truly. *sigh*

Work huh? Life.. *sheesh*

Found a picture of the boyfriend that made me smile thou. =D

He says I'm his clown. Look who's talking now! =p

~* Clare Chiara *~