Little Kellen is going to be a Superstar!

The little Kellen is growing big and going to conquer the modeling industry, since she's starting young. 

Kellen is such a pretty young girl, and the beautiful thing about her is that she loves being in front of the camera. Really I mean it! And I talked to Renee Jie (the mommy) to get Kellen into the modeling industry. And heading back to Aussie, that's what she did. 

Little Kellen nailed her 1st big shoot. And believe it or not it was for TARGET! The little girl nailed her 1st shoot for TARGET! And am I ever so happy to hear that! =)
Clickety here to check out Kellen on Target's Ad. She's on page 20 and 30. I tried to get better pictures, so head over to that header to see little Kellen!

Ain't she a cutie pie?

~* Clare Chiara *~


Renee said...

Thanks for this Xiao Hui. We have to thank you for convincing me to do it. You've grown up to be a beautiful and caring girl. So proud of you. You were only Kellen's age, if not younger when i babysat you. Soo so cute then and beautiful now. Take care of yourself and your family.

Kellen's mummy