Meet Up With the Babes (again)

I was so excited the whole day just to be able to meet up with the babes. And I did get to see them and I was so happy. 

It's great that even after school we still meet up and have some drinks, share some moments or gossips and just meet up again. Lu and her husband was there, Steph and female moments seemed to have cleared. And Vicky, yes she's the hairstylist who fixed my hair. Carmen came a short while and left. She had some 'drinking' date. 

And because Carmen had to rush of for alcoholic moments, I've decided to post this picture of her. =p

Yes, she will kill me. I'll be prepared. =D

But once again, it was good to meet up with them again. I promised each time I get back I let them know so that we can meet up now and then. =D

Thanks again babes, for a great night. =D

~* Clare Chiara *~