Fashion show on Skype

The bestie was on skype the other day, while I was totally stressed with work. She decided to do some weird funny moments on Skype. *sheesh*

And since she bought herself a new webcam. Thus the camera's started clicking away.. 

SHE decided on a Fashion accessories show via Skype. She began with winter wear. Somehow, she reminded me of a polar bear.

Winter in Malaysia? Like that would ever happen??!! I wonder, since the world is changing. And lastly, she had this sunny hat moment. Posing for the camera with her big ass hat. =)

Today she celebrates her 23rd birthday. And I made sure my time at night is all for her. Because, you know.. There's this saying. When you found friendship in someone, never let that go. Because friendship is hard to keep. And especially for the fact that she's been my friend for at least.. 17 years now.

So to Esther who will be celebrating her birthday on the 21st, happy birthday babe! We'll party the night away tonight!! =D

~* Clare Chiara *~