Like the Mermaid I head back to Sea.

I came back today, smelling like a fish. Maybe because I spent 1 whole day out and about! *yawn* And I've never been this exhausted!! But it was exciting and the experience there was speechless. 

So anyways, went to Pulau Ketam with Sam and the boyfriend. It's not a holiday if I may stress on that. It was clearly business. *winks* Anyways, the boat ride there was enjoyable, got to get some much needed shut eye. -.- zzzzZZZZZ

Upon arriving at Pulau Ketam's jetty. The place gave us a warm welcome. Of stench that was! Oh boy!! 

The thing was, I realized not every house there was built with bricks. Some were still wooden and above the sea. Excuse me for being shocked for a while here.. I then realized that here in Pulau Ketam how you do your 'business' everything leads right out to the sea. The poor fishes in the sea.

And I really mean everything you throw or take a dump in the toilet. EVERY SINGLE THING LEADS BACK TO THE SEA! So ladies if you know what I mean.. have a heart, it sucks to see some red shit pampers floating on sea! I mean it!

I was still somehow confused as to why Pulau Ketam was called Pulau Ketam. In English it's called 'Crab Island'. I looked down at the jetty, tolerating the stench. And was confused with what was there at the muddy area. 

A whole dozens of things were moving around. As if they were dancing. And upon closer inspection, I finally realized why that island was called 'Pulau Ketam'. This whole area is full of... CRABS! Small, Big, Long, Short. You'd see all sorts of weird crabs.

I think the thing that shocked me most was the mud skippers. I mean we all have of course seen the mud skippers before. Skipping on mud, fighting with their jaws open wide. Small tiny ones. That never seem to slide and glide away from us.

But this one mud skipper almost gave me a heart attack! I thought it was a fish. As it started gilding through the mud. That was no fish.. It was a big ass mud skipper that was the size of a ladies wrist!!!

Some kid decided to scare it away by throwing some rocks at it. Humans. *sheesh* Anyways, back to Pulau Ketam. The island itself is really small so houses are really honestly back to back. You could see your neighbor's room! I mean it, so of course transport there was another story. 

We had to take bikes to move faster because time was of a matter. And let me announce first it has been more than 12 years since I touched and cycled! And the other thing is in Pulau Ketam, these bikes are the Ferrari's to them! I mean it! There are rules and regulation!

1. When a biker rings the bell. MOVE ASIDE! Cause they might just force you over the lane which will initially make you fall into the dirty muddy river / sea/.
2. When going up the hill, don't think you can cycle up. It's too steep. 
3. When coming down the hill. Hold on to your belongings cause you will have no idea what would fall out!!

And those were exactly the mistakes I did!!! *faints* I almost tripped and fell and people there were laughing at me. *blush* Goodness... Melissa and Azman better appreciate me doing that!! *argh* 

Our duties ended around 3.00 pm at Pulau Ketam, the next place we had to go was another Jetty called the Couple's Jetty. Which excuse me once again for not knowing where I was. This jetty was said to be very romantic to a lot of couples. They liked this jetty because it allowed you to walk pretty far towards the sea.

I asked the boyfriend:"Baby do you feel more romantic when you are here since they call this the couple jetty." His answer was.. :"Like normal only" Gosh, blame him for having no romance in his life! *jeez*

Some kids were fishing at the end of the bridge. For some sharp mouth fish. Wonder what they was, but the kids don't seem to understand a single word that was coming out of my mouth for some reason. 

The last location we went to was called Patang Pasir. Which to me, was a sight for sore eyes. Maybe because I got to watch the sunset after all.

The whole trip was exhausting because we were all rushing against time. Sometimes if time could just slow down. Then again, it wasn't a trip after all. It was work. This again, is what happens when you work in a production house. You see many things that world has not seen. You'd see things that are more beautiful. Or touching. *yawn* For now.. I want to jump into bed and sleep. There's a full week ahead.

~* Clare Chiara *~