Another Gathering

Another meet up with the ex high school classmates. This time it was at Oldtown White Kopitiam. Of course where else but Ipoh.

It's nice sometimes to be able to catch up with your ex classmates to see how they are doing and all. It's great to see them every few times a month and catch up. Listen to how their little kids are growing, our how their business is blooming. Life just changes all the time. And it's so great to see everyone doing so well in their own lives. =)

From Left to Right. Charmaine (who owns a restaurant with her husband), Carmen (my optician runs her own optical shop), Vicky (my hairstylist), Steph (owner of Zic Zac accessories), Violet (doing her own stuff) and lastly above Crystal (who always had a passion for designing and living up to that.)

Steph had mentioned before that she had her own accessories products and all. I've always been dying to have a look at her products and today I managed to have a sneak peak at her new products.

Her range of accessories are suitable for all ages, trust me. There is so many earrings, rings and necklaces and way more. The brand is called Zic Zac. I saw one necklace that I absolutely adored a lot which is this cute little owl necklace that looks similar to the one Rihanna wore. 

And for such a beautiful product it does not cost that much for it either!! =) So babes, do check out her shop at Ipoh Parade in Bum City, there are a whole loads of variety there. Buy as much as you can cause I sure am going back there for more!! 

Anyways, I miss the babes. And of course it was good that we got to meet up and all. Can't wait for the next gathering. It's going to be one of our ex school mates wedding. Can you believe it? 

~* Clare Chiara *~