D Vine

Had dinner with the family at this restaurant called D Vine. It's located at Ipoh Garden South, a small shop lot over there. Don't really mind the small place because it kind of gives the homely feel.  I love the food there, can't complain much about the food. 

Meal started off with some soup, Joel says it tastes like Chicken, mom says it tastes like mushroom. I say it tastes like vegetable soup. True enough I was right, it was... Broccoli Soup.

After the soup came drinks, I couldn't order any cold drinks it is the time of the month. =p Anyways, fruit drinks are made fresh and it tastes insanely refreshing.

Of course I had the HOT HONEY LEMON TEA!! *sheesh*

Can you believe it I took everyone's food and drinks and forgot to take my Roasted Chicken??!! *argh* Hate myself. It was delicious thou, served with fried potato. Which tastes unique unlike other places that serves potato chips, it's ridiculous!! *sheesh*

We ordered Roasted Chicken with Marinara Sauce for Grandma. Of course it's served with Spagetti!! *DUH!*

But it was delicious, the kids and the cousin ordered the usual Fish and Chips which did not look oily. Unlike certain restaurants that serves oily fried dory fish.

Joel was being a good cousin / son today. He decided to feed grandma while all of us finished our meals. Ain't he a heaven sent?

And of course after dinner, a serving of dessert. And of course it had to be ice cream and of course I could not have it, that it made the kids day. *sheesh*

Anyways, guys.. Do check out this restaurant whenever you hit Ipoh. I could not find any complains about that place. Even the service was amazing!

~* Clare Chiara *~