I turn 23 silently, no need for Parties anymore. =)

I have to admit this year I celebrated my birthday with work. =( Wasn't happy that I had was too busy to celebrate or to return home to visit the family and celebrate with them. I'm praying and wishing to God that I can go back this weekend... But, it wasn't that bad celebrating secretly too!! Thanks to friends and loved ones from all over!

The besties made my day, they came to spend like few hours with me. So I guess that made me feel special a little. But was upset because HE was away at shoot. Got a cute monkey from him, introducing Mooie's cousin brother Oook.

The rest of the gifts were given to me from the besties and the godbrother. And of course, Him too. Yup, you got it that's Oook. My crazy Fuzzy monkey. =) 

While having birthday dinner with the boyfriend, I got a zillion phone calls. =D From JAPAN, there was Ms. Shin. From the LAND OF DOWN UNDER, there was Mattie, Damie, DeJya, Nathaniel, Patrick and JD. From Hong Kong, there was Liam and Naidine. From UK, there was Robbie and Manda. From US, there was Sean's ex Lathy. Gosh the phone calls.. ha ha

I bought a gift for myself today. Decided to brighten up the office a little. With a little life. =) Saw this beautiful colored fighting fish and immediately fell in love with it!! So me and Melissa decided we had to get this small little cutie pie!

And the best part, we haven't thought of a name for it just yet, so suggestions are welcomed. And it just loves it's fish tank. *sigh*

So even if it's just meeting up, even if it's just few hours of dinner, or wishes on FB / twitter or blog. Or a phone call. My birthday was brighten up because of the people around me with their warm wishes. You guys really made my day special at the end of it. =) So thank you guys so much. I appreciate it all. Thank you. =')

~* Clare Chiara *~