Royal Perak Golf Club A Road Down Memory Lane

When I was a kid, I used to follow the grandparents for golf. Grandma would be my coach, I admire how she played. She would always win many competitions and came back with trophies. 

She'd play at the Royal Perak Golf Club. I used to have tennis, swimming and golf classes there then. Food and stuff there were awesome. But of course, as years pass by the place turns old and needs a new makeover.

So for about 1 year Royal Perak Golf Club had a makeover done. And the whole food everything changed! The place looks so much better and of course, the food. *slurp*

Tom Yam Noodle Soup

Yee Mee

Club House Friend Rice

King Prawn Fried Rice

Seafood Cabonara 

Green Spinach Pasta with Turkey

Fresh Squeezed Ambra and Guava Juice

Fresh Coconut 

It was good to head down memory lane, thou the place has changed so much. But it sure was good to be able to head back there. Oh and to all none members who wants to go there and try out the food. YOU SURE CAN! Because members and none members are allowed to feast there too! =)

I blog too much about food lately. Gosh, no wonder the pounds are adding on. =p 

~* Clare Chiara *~