Crystal Circle Charity Dinner

*Phew* It is not easy traveling back to the hometown just to do the event. But it was worth it. Ended up having a blast. Headed back to Ipoh with Zed, who wanted shots of Ipoh. Bus ride back was insane, watch the video below. Zed was in a different seat cause he got the ticket last minute. Less of the bus. Hated that journey.

Anyway, few months back my bestie Vicky asked me to help her out with a Charity Dinner for the Crystal Circle. I willingly said yes, for the sake of friendship. =) Anyway, it would be great to be able to meet up with the ex school mates and doing an event again. 

This time around, this charity got us up and running a whole afternoon. We got to do our hair and make up courtesy of MAC Professionals, it was exhausting. The waiting, the setting, the make up. It was a whole day and the night was the event. It was insane! But then again, it was fun too!

I was expecting the night to end without dinner, but thankfully we got the... left overs. *sigh* I guess I should not say anything since at least there was food. I was just happy to be able to spend some time with the ex classmates and of course doing something for charity. Oh I forgot to mention I was the emcee for that night, the insane emcee who almost fell of the stage. =D

But honestly, I had so much fun and I wish I could do it again! =) We had fun, minus the photoshoot that they had after the event. 

But was I ever wrong. I totally forgot that Zed was home with mom and thus, appearing home with the make up and the hair all set and dressed. Dear Mr Zed decided, to do a photoshoot. *sigh* So I guess I got to do a photoshoot after all. =( After all... *sigh*

But I love this 3 and that's it! So you guys get to see only these 3! Hah!

You know when I pose weird or funny.. I blame Zed, his got crazy ideas sometimes.

So anyway, thank you to Vicky for allowing me to emcee for her charity event. MAC Professionals for the amazing hair and make up, and of course.. Nut sack Zed for the last minute photoshoots. *sigh*

~* Clare Chiara *~