Deaf and Dumb, they are humans too.

What happens if you had ears and mouth but you could not hear nor speak? What happens if there is so much you want to tell but struggle with talking and expressing yourself. Few days ago, it was Deaf and Dumb day. It was a day I realized that I had to be thankful for the voice that I have and the ears that I have. The turn out was amazing on the day of the event at the aunt's house.

It wasn't easy to sit down there and listen to them tell how much their going through in their lives. These 'new found friends' I would say, have gone through so much, so much more than me or you. They live their lives different from us. They go through situations that are hard, work is hard, life ends up becoming hard because nothing is easy at all.

There was this man signing his speech and I remember him signing. "We are not like you, you have good jobs, you get promoted. But because of our condition we work as cleaners and factory workers, and it's hard to get promoted." That was enough to cause a little watery eye.

How would it really feel if we could not speak at all? Other then us typing out the words or hand signaling each other. Has any one of us truly admit that we understand how they feel? Do we even have the rights to? Did we even know that in our country there are at least 23 thousand who are deaf and dumb. Some children are forced to live in the orphanage because their parents could not understand the condition of a child. Some old folks were sent away because their kids just did not understand what they wanted. That's not the right way to live.

We played a game with them, it was to understand sign language. It was not easy to understand what they were saying, instead if we were out there working. And they approached us I know that some of us would have lost our minds at them. Or some of us would have just burst out at them. They are humans just like you and me, we have to learn to give it a try one day to understand them.

Learn to understand them, learn to be their voice. Learn to talk to them.

~* Clare Chiara *~