Take A Bow

Esther dropped by my place last night. Before she heads off to UK, she wanted to say bye to mom and the little brother. So we decide to do something for us. As a memory. =)

We decided to make a video of us singing. Which is really rare! We perform and all, and we have duet before. But we just never got a chance to get it on video. So finally we got to do a duet. More than 'a' duet. We did at least 3, we are just waiting for the longest time to upload it on YouTube! *sheesh*

But here's Rihanna's Take A Bow. Have a look at it.

Anyway, the sudden emails and Facebook messages of requests. Urm.. WOW! I was shocked. Feel free to request guys, and I'll try my best to sing it.. whenever I can. =) Maybe I get some 'special guest stars' too. =D

~* Clare Chiara *~


Alisha Melissa Mah said...

You guys sang very well... as always.. but i guess the credentials when a lil to fast.. wasn't able to read what you wrote...