The Diva takes the stage one last time.

On October 6th, I have officially stepped on the stage for the last time. The curtains have finally fallen on me. No more performance, no more events. Clare will now be a normal person, no more shows to host, no more acting, dancing and mostly singing. Clare is now.. Officially a casting director.

But I could honestly say, it is every performers dream to be able to end it with a big bang. And I was glad that I could. It was the most beautiful and touching way to end it. To be able to share a stage with Malay traditional dancers, a troupe of lion dancers, indian traditional dancers and the many faces of UUM.

It's not easy saying goodbye to something you love doing, or something you have been doing all your life. And taking this big step meant so much to me. For my future. =) But it was the best experience ever and the best way to end it.

And the curtain has finally fallen on the Diva. 

~* Clare Chiara *~