Halloween 2009

This years Halloween was more settled down, we didn't go all out for costumes or make an effort at all. I mean, it was raining the whole freaking day! Poor kids were stuck wearing their raincoats unable to show off their beautiful costume. =( But hey, the kids still came trick or treating and it was as usual... Far out fun handing out candies! =)

This year I was fed up of blood.. So it was something more easier.. =) I was the.. Slutty Devil. =p Takes a b***h like me to be able to pull of that look. =p

Made the boyfriend my spanking slave devil. =)

He loved how I could spank him with that weapon of mine.. Ha ha.. =D Kidding. The littlest cousin of all was the little pumpkin witch. She looked absolutely adorable!! =)

Pat's little nephew Ryushil became Bumblebee and rocked his outfit! =) My little cousin sister became Hannah Montana but could not get a clear pic of her. Cause the later part the wig was too hot for her.

Michael Jackson was there, he even performed for us!! =)

Mommy Kim came with her Baby Bee. Then again I still prefer calling him Boobie Boy! =) He literally tried pulling my aunt's blouse to see what's inside!! =D

I had a band performance, by Mazda (Zac), Nissan (Imran), Toyota (Wai Yik) and MyVi (Aaron). Ha ha!! They came as themselves thus the nicknames!!

And of course the best part when the kids came for trick or treats. Thank God this year none of us were soaking wet!! =)

Anyway, tell me about your Halloween. I hope you guys had a great and memorable halloween!!

~* Clare Chiara *~